Happy German Shepherds in Steiner

“We’ve been using Gusto Dogs for dog sitting services in Steiner Ranch for months now and are really happy with their attentiveness to our German Shepherds!!  They love Lori and we get a report every time she comes to the house by a text with all the details about the visit so we feel very secure knowing that they’ve been there and have taken care of things.  I would highly recommend them and have even asked Lori to check up on the house when we are away (and have no dogs there) just to help us out.  It’s been great.  She seems to be very tuned into the dogs.  We had a few visits early on with her to be sure, and everything went well.  She’s there when she says she’ll be there and that’s a huge part of the customer service they provide.  We have a good working relationship with the owner and have nothing but good things to say.”

Patty S., Steiner Ranch via Yelp

Gusto Dogs loves cats, too!

kitty kisses Bailey“The name Gusto Dogs makes it obvious that they provide care and services for our canine friends. But they do so much more. We have utilized their services frequently for giving food, medicine, and lots of attention to our cats when we travel. I know that my sweet (and very affectionate) elder cat is in great hands when we are away from home, and am especially comforted when texts and pictures are sent letting me know that everything is ok. They are reliable, trustworthy, and so compassionate about animal care. I never worry for a second when we are away from home.”

Amy H., Steiner Ranch

Steiner Labrador with knee trouble loves his weekday dog walker

“We have been using Gusto Dogs for over a year now and Lori is our walker. I can’t say enough great things about her as she takes care of our yellow lab Hudson as if he was her own! He is a large boy and a challenge on the leash at times with his puppy ways, but Lori handles him perfectly! He recently had ACL repair surgery and was on restrictions for months. Lori was a big part of his rehab with her daily walks and followed his restrictions to a T. Hudson loves her and I’m not sure what we would do without her.  She has also provided overnight service while we vacationed and it was the first time I was able to actually relax and enjoy vacation since I didn’t have to board Hudson and stress about his separation anxiety. Lori goes above and beyond to make sure he is well loved in our absence.
Lori and Gusto Dogs provide our family with an invaluable service and I’m so grateful to have found them.  I highly recommend their service if you are looking for a friendly, compassionate, and trustworthy group of people to love your pet as their own. Thanks Lori and Gusto Dogs for all you do for Hudson.”
Kami H., Steiner Ranch

Dog the Labradoodle 78730

Mid-day break for apartment dog in River Place

“Excellent! Gusto Dogs goes above and beyond for you and your dog. They are very thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. Your dog will love his time with them. It was not only a perfect mid-day break for our apartment dog but they gave us lots of tips, ideas, and training advice to use in the future.”

Emily T., Riverplace

Ralph and Bailey of downtown Austin

Lady Bird Trail weekday strolls for Ridgeback mix and Westie

“Gusto Dogs is really the best! I first contacted Kristen when I moved downtown, and my biggest concern was not being able to come home in the afternoons to take my dog out. Kristen and David (one of Gusto’s dog walkers, and really, like, the greatest guy) came out to my apartment to meet my dog and set up a game plan. Everything clicked. I wasn’t worried about not being there for my dog, and even more important, my dog was happy.

But it’s been all of the extra stuff that really makes these guys the best.

1) They’re pros. These are not neighborhood kids trying to make extra money over the summer. I have absolutely no incidents to speak of. My dog is safe and happy when he’s with them.

2) They go out of their way to provide the best service. Whenever I’ve had to make a last-minute change in my schedule, they’ve ALWAYS found a way to work around it so they can be there when I need them, even going so far as to rearrange their own schedules…. (condensed for space … to read full review visit Yelp)

4) (And last one, promise) Our dogs love these guys. Their reaction when David shows up is hilarious. It’s like their super-fun uncle just got there to take them out. As a dog owner, it makes me really happy to see my dog so happy.

So, like I said, the Gusto team is amazing. We plan on using their services as long as they’re offered (hopefully, forever). Could not recommend more highly.

Meredith M., downtown Austin via Yelp