Gusto Dogs provides regular or as-needed dog walking services in the Steiner Ranch and Four Points areas, as well as in-home pet sitting services. Keep your pets in their home environment where they’re most comfortable!


Dog Walking

Giving your dog a way to drain his energy and exercise his mind will make it easier for him to stick by the rules and boundaries you’ve set for him at home. If your dog just needs a quick visit, we also offer potty breaks.

Your customized dog walking visit will include both exercise and enrichment, and is a big step toward living with a better behaved and more fulfilled dog.

Your dog walk will include:

Dog walking options:

  • Quick potty break
  • 30 minute visit
  • 60 minute visit

Does your dog just want to play and potty?

No problem! We can adjust your visit according to your pet’s needs. Puppies and older dogs, for example, might just need some one-on-one attention instead of a longer walk.  Tell us how we can help!

Pet sitting

Gusto Dogs will provide a professional sitter to your home one to three (or more!) times a day to look after your pets. We look after dogs, cats and other critters.

Your pet sitting service can include:

  • Fresh food and water
  • Exercise (walks or playtime)
  • Litter scooping or cage cleaning
  • Plenty of love and attention!

You will also receive:

  •  Regular updates via text or email
  •  Home services like bringing in mail, watering plants, alternating lights, etc.

Pet sitting visit options:

  • Potty breaks
  • 30 minute visits
  • 60 minute visits
  • Overnight stays (limited availability)

Ask us about backyard poo pickup, medication administration, pet taxi services and whatever else you may need. We’d love to help!



Want to get started? Get in touch to schedule a free meet-and-greet!

Enrichment activities are part of every Gusto dog walk