Answers to frequently asked questions for our Gusto Dogs dog walkers:

Kisses for Austin Gusto Dogs dog walker

  1. What makes you different than other pet services in Austin?
    Gusto Dogs understands your pets and we understand you. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and strive to provide friendly, professional and reliable services you can trust. We especially understand our clients with higher-energy dogs and take into account each dog’s individual requirements and customize his or her walk, accordingly. We believe a walk is more than just physical exercise, and that it’s just as important to give them a job to do. We will work with you to determine what that job is for your dog, even if it’s as simple as sitting at every street corner or fetching a tennis ball at the end of the walk.

  2. Do you offer pet sitting services?
    Yep! We love dogs, cats and all other critters and would love to help with your pet sitting needs. Gusto Dogs will send a sitter to your home one to four times a day to provide food, water, litter scooping, exercise and TLC for your pets while they get to stay in their own, comfortable environment. Expect to receive plenty of updates while you’re away so that you don’t worry!

  3. What happens in very hot weather?
    Every dog has a different threshold, but generally we don’t walk dogs during the hottest part of the day during the warmest months. We will work with you to schedule a morning walk and we can make arrangements to stop by in the afternoon for a quick potty break or to check in on dogs who are outside. If you have your own pool and your dog is already a great swimmer, we can also use this to our advantage during the summer months!

  4. Do you walk in the rain?
    Our dog walkers walk rain or shine! Well, within reason. 😉 We recommend keeping a dog towel out for your dog walker so that we can towel your dog off before letting him inside.

  5. How do I know my keys are safe?
    For clients who keep keys on file with us, your keys will never be marked with your name or address. We mark all keys in code to protect you against the unlikely scenario that they are lost or stolen. All keys are kept on our person during our dog walks and locked up securely when we’re done.

  6. Will you take my dog off leash?
    Gusto Dogs keeps all dogs on leash during walks for their safety and our peace of mind. Even if your dog has excellent recall, there is still a risk of the odd interesting squirrel, dog or rabbit that may catch his attention. We don’t generally visit dog parks because we like to keep our walks structured and focused. Dog parks are a great reward post-walk, but should never replace a quality ‘pack walk’. In some circumstances we may use really long leads to practice training techniques and recall.

  7. Will you let me know how they’re doing?
    One of our favorite things to do is to send you updates as often as you’d like them! We can text or email photos, videos or just a quick note to tell you about their day. If we notice anything unusual related to their health, we will always notify you as soon as possible. Keeping an open line of communication is something we really value and believe is a big part of our responsibility as your trusted dog walker.