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Our gallery of happy Gusto Dogs!

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Gusto Dogs!

Gusto Dogs provides a professional dog walking and pet sitting service in Steiner Ranch, Apache Shores, Hudson Bend, Four Points and downtown Austin, Texas. We believe a dog walk should be more than just a walk, so our dog walkers also incorporate stimulating enrichment games into each visit, customized to your dog's individual needs.

[img src=]2170Doc the labradoodle from Riverplace
Doc has a lot of energy and needed an outlet during the day while his owners work. Doc loves his walks and as a reward at the end, he got to play his favorite game of fetch - but he had to sit, first!
[img src=]1240Hiring a dog walker is easy!
Gusto Dogs walks in Lakeway, Hudson Bend, Steiner Ranch, Apache Shores and the Four Points area. We also walk downtown Austin!
[img src=]1170Casper the Papillon
Because no two dogs are the same, every dog gets a customized walk.
[img src=]1230Kristen with Gem
Gem is a chihuahua from a puppy mill. She is a little unsure of things but loves her belly rubs. :)
[img src=]1100Ella the German Shepard mix
Ella works on walking past other dogs without barking. She gets nervous around some men and other dogs, but she's doing so much better.
[img src=]960Xas the Golden Retriever
Gusto Dogs incorporates enrichment activities into your dog's walk. Some dogs love their typical 'breed games', like Xas who loves to retrieve.
[img src=]980Lily the Wheaten Terrier
Lily from Lakeway loves her mommy so much she has had a hard time walking without her. With the right amount of patience and positive reinforcement, we are making progress!
[img src=]960Lorax and Icka
Icka is in the background doing his best "I deserve a cookie!" dance. This funny pair is from the Four Points area. They love their walks and fetching.
[img src=]750Issa, Neo and Lola strut it around Hudson Bend!
We walk all dogs on leash for your dog's safety and for everyone's peace of mind.
[img src=]860Bentley the Papillon mix
Bentley from Four Points prefers to take himself for walks! He has so much personality and has even been known to blow bubbles in his water bowl through his nose.
[img src=]680Brie and Poli the Brittany Spaniels
Brie and Poli from Lakeway love their walks and need challenging games and activities to stimulate their smart minds ... otherwise they turn into a mischievous pair!
[img src=]700Emma and Willie Nelson
Emma, a staffy labrador mix, and Willie Nelson, a catahoula shepard mix, love cooling off on hot summer Texas days by fetching tennis balls in their pool.
[img src=]560Maggie and Kristen
Kings Charles Cavalier Maggie soaks up some rays with dog walker, Kristen, in Steiner Ranch.
[img src=]640
[img src=]550River Place sweetie, Ranger
[img src=]370Smile for the camera!
Addie and Lady smile for Steiner Ranch dog walker, Lori.
[img src=]350Stretch those legs!
Austin is a Brittany Spaniel from Steiner who is seen here waiting for a day of rain to pass.
[img src=]430Puppy poses!
Brees from Steiner looks into the camera and smiles for a selfie.
[img src=]400Puppy playtime and walks
New puppy? Gusto Dogs can provide puppy potty breaks, playtime and walks (once they have their shots). We'll work with your pup on the same commands and training methods you're instilling to keep your efforts going.
[img src=]340Charlie
Charlie from Steiner Ranch as a puppy getting some one-on-one time with Steiner dog walker, Lori.
[img src=]330Cheeeese!
Emma the lab from Steiner Ranch gives us a big smile after her long walk.
[img src=]320Easy does it
Fergus is an older Cairn Terrier in a downtown Austin high rise who needs potty breaks and some TLC.
[img src=]320So cute we can't stand it!
Rory is a golden retriever puppy in Steiner who is just the best thing since sliced bread.
[img src=]340Cat sitting
Jameson soaks up plenty of attention from downtown Austin dog walker and pet sitter, David.
[img src=]320Kitty kisses!
Gusto Dogs owner, Kristen, gets some kitty nuzzles from Bailey in Steiner Ranch.
[img src=]350Fetch!
Gusto Dogs owner with her dog, Neo.
[img src=]350Please throw the stinky toy!
A happy labrador in Steiner insists that her pet sitter throws the stinky, urine-soaked stuffed toy in the backyard. Despite our efforts to offer other more enticing toys, she persisted and eventually we gave in (and washed our hands after!). How could we say no?
[img src=]330Morning!
Gusto Dogs offers overnight stays. We love waking up to wet noses and sleepy doggy kisses...
[img src=]310Let's go!
Lebron, a lab from downtown Austin, had us racing down the four flights of stairs in his apartment complex to make sure he got to the grass to potty. While he was still learning, it was quite the sprint!
[img src=]310Doggy decor
Lexi the maltipoo from River Place blends into a shaggy rug to pose for a photo after her walk.
[img src=]330Lucy, I'm home!
Lucy from Steiner waits patiently for her treats and cuddles from her pet sitter.
[img src=]330Let's take a break
Lucy, an older lab from Steiner, takes a break from her feisty younger sister.
[img src=]310We love cat sitting!
Mara from Steiner gets some love from Steiner pet sitter, Lori.
[img src=]330Hit the trail
Kristen takes Marley and Maddie from Steiner out on the trails for their walk.
[img src=]350Treats? Treats? Treats?
Mogwai and Gizmo of Steiner Ranch pose for a photo in exchange for a promise of yummy treats from their pet sitter.
[img src=]380Stop and sniff the day
Ralph and Bailey are just the sweetest brothers from downtown Austin who take slow strolls along Lady Bird trail every day.
[img src=]340Dog walks and playtime
Rocco, a German Shepherd from Steiner Ranch, enjoys playtime (fetching!) in the backyard during his 60 minute visit with Lori.
[img src=]310Stick out your tongue!
Romo is a handsome boxer from Steiner who is also a love bug.
[img src=]320Back scratcher
Rosie from downtown Austin enjoys daily walks with her dog walker, David.
[img src=]370Sassy!
[img src=]390Rain or shine
Gusto Dogs will walk rain or shine, as long as the dogs are still up for it!
[img src=]370Close up!
Willie the maltipoo from Steiner moves in for his closeup.
About Kristen West

Kristen started Gusto Dogs in Austin after running a pet sitting and walking business for two years in Sydney, Australia. After discovering that the dogs benefited much more from incorporating enrichment into their daily walks, Kristen decided to make it a part of every Gusto dog walk with the aim to provide a more fulfilling experience for Austin's dogs and their owners.