Chase! A fun enrichment game

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Most dogs are born with an instinct to chase. Encouraging the behavior in a controlled environment can be a fun way to exercise your dog and challenge her mind.

Home-made chase enrichment toy

  1. Tie one of your dog’s favorite toys to the end of a sturdy rope.
  2. Attach the other end of the rope to a stick or plastic PVC pipe.
  3. Use the stick or pipe to drag the toy around on the ground or twirl it in the air so that your dog can chase it.


  • Let your dog catch it every once in a while!
  • Periodically ask your dog to sit or perform a trick in order to resume play after she’s caught it.

You can also buy an inexpensive lunge whip from a horse tack or feed store and tie a ball (try a tennis ball that’s already attached to a rope) or other toy to the end of the whip. A squeaky toy in a sock at the end of the whip will also do the trick.

Gusto Dogs incorporates enrichment activities into every dog walk. If your dog loves to chase tennis balls or other toys but is still working on her recall, we can start her off with games like this after her long, structured walk.

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About Kristen West

Kristen started Gusto Dogs in Austin after running a pet sitting and walking business for two years in Sydney, Australia. After discovering that the dogs benefited much more from incorporating enrichment into their daily walks, Kristen decided to make it a part of every Gusto dog walk with the aim to provide a more fulfilling experience for Austin's dogs and their owners.