Adding a backpack to your dog walk

Giving your dog a job to do can make a big difference to your walk – especially for higher energy or strong-minded pooches.

The dog backpack creates a more challenging and stimulating walk. There are a range of backpacks you can find from most pet shops or online, so it’s important to choose the right option based on what you want him to carry.

Cesar Millan from The Dog Whisperer suggests that the weight added to a dog pack be no more than 10% – 20% of a dog’s weight. Always check with your veterinarian before fitting your dog with a backpack, however, because every dog’s physical and emotional thresholds are different.

Gusto Dogs can add a backpack with the recommendations from your vet to make your dog’s Gusto Dog Walk more physically and mentally fulfilling. Before we get started, it’s recommended to have your dog carry around an empty backpack for a few walks to get used to the feeling, and then gradually add weight. Larger dogs can even carry light ice packs or cool water to keep them cool during the warmer months!

About Kristen West

Kristen started Gusto Dogs in Austin after running a pet sitting and walking business for two years in Sydney, Australia. After discovering that the dogs benefited much more from incorporating enrichment into their daily walks, Kristen decided to make it a part of every Gusto dog walk with the aim to provide a more fulfilling experience for Austin's dogs and their owners.